5 Things To Think About Before Purchasing Your Art

1. How Much Space Do You Have?

To begin, it is essential to check the amount of space available on your wall, it is the first thing to do before deciding which art you want to purchase. Canvas Crop offers different sizes depending on the format you decide to buy. Furthermore, knowing how much space you want to fill can give you certain other indicators such as panoramic, landscape, square or vertical print.


2. What Colors Would Fit Best?

Secondly, ask yourself which colors would fit best in the room considering the already existing colors! What colors do you want to bring to life in the space?  This can help you arrange your print in cohesion with your room. Luckily, you can browse our large artwork collections where you're sure to find exactly what will look best on your wall.

Bureau En Bois Brun Avec Chaise Roulante Et étagères Près De La Fenêtre

 3. Visualize The Art

Canvas Crop sells two different formats; Giclee Stretched Canvas or Giclee Rolled Canvas Print. Visualizing your art is also a great way to choose the perfect fit for your room. You can surely get inspired by other medias such a google by searching certain theme on the desired wall/room (e.g. color, type of room, etc.) 

Chaise En Bois Marron à Côté De La Table Noire

4. What Is Your Budget?

Deciding how much you are ready to spend on your art while considering the sizing or the type of print. An art is an investment, hence treating like such can help you narrow down what you should get! The larger your art piece, the more likely the cost will be higher. 

Photos gratuites de à l'intérieur, appartement, blanc


Last but not least, creating a canvas crop account for your purchase. This will help you track your order as we will keep you posted on the status of your purchase. You can also register to our newsletter to receive the best offers every week. 

Affichage Plat De L'électronique à Côté Des Lunettes

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